1. Our mural garden (with little library)


This is our first and most elaborate art pocket, adjacent to the DIVA gallery and gift shop at 128 W. C Avenue in Drain. It's an ever-evolving project, depending on seasons and events we host in it. We are also working on adding a reading room/porch to it later this summer (see the home page) and are currently raising funds to make this possible.

2. The Rock Garden


This, too, is an evolving project. It's located across from the DIVA gallery and gift shop on C Avenue in Drain. It's a nice place to sit and have lunch or read or just wander through. We are working on more shade for it and more fun details to check out.








3. Chess and checkers anyone?


Our chess and checkers Art Pocket is just down the street from our gallery and gift shop. The checkers and chess pieces are always out and ready for your visit. Enjoy.



































4. Self-portrait station


Now this is fun. Next to the Checkers and Chess station is a kid-size table and chairs and a mirror so you can draw your portrait anytime. We have been waiting for the weather to dry up a bit before we leave paper out there for the portraits, but that will be set up again soon. Draw and color your portrait and, if you like, hang it on the easel next to the station, to share with passerbys. You can tell us your name or not. Can't wait to see your portrait!























5. Photo Op on Flower Corner (with Little Library)


This invitiing display also has a little library in it now. Take a book, leave a book when you can. Take your picture in the display and email it to us for a chance to win in monthly drawings. Sending us your photo is giving us your permission to use on our website or in other publications.  (Located at the corner of !st and B.)









6. Harvest garden (with Little Library)


This corner has changed a great deal since this picture was taken. (We will update soon). Now there is a little lending library here, too. Plus a nice picnic table. Enjoy your stay. (Located on First Street, next to the Loose Caboose, as you are headed out of Drain toward I-5).

7. Grange gift garden 


This is starting to hapen at the corner of D Avenue and 1st Street. Thanks to the Grange, The Quilt Farm  and to Darlene Hurd for putting it together and helping it along. (Picture soon)

8. Art and Gardens Everywhere planters on C Ave.


This is one of our most visible and seemingly appreciated Art Pockets. Thanks to Terrie Cosby for letting us use her planters. Thanks to everyone who has donated plants. DIVA keeps them watered and looking good. 























10. Planters on 1st St. (Looking Good!)

12. Brick front revamping

9.  Chair share on 1st St.

Check out the seating area in the old Enterprise office windows.



We set out to do 12 "Art Pockets" this last year and we did exactly that. But, what we realized is that they will keep evolving and never really be "done."  So, watch for more fun additions to the existing "Art Pockets" and maybe even some new ones this coming year. Hope you enjoy them.

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