Stephanie Barrow

DIVA President

Program administrator

Retired newspaper illustrator and artist, formerly from Eugene and now living in Drain, Oregon. She spends most of her time passionately organizing and facilitiating art events for her community and believes strongly that art is a powerful force that can change lives and communities for the better. ot



A special thanks to Jerry Ross

Exiting board president


The long established Eugene painter, retired LCC instructor (currently working p/t), U of O instructor and founding board member of DIVA (2003). is resigning in order to focus more on his own art work.



And another note of thanks and apprection to Angela Ross

Exiting board vice president and also one of the originall founders of Diva in Eugene.


Both Angela and Jerry continue to support and advise  DIVA and are very much appreciated.


Pearl Hergert

Vice President


She has had many careers, starting with some time in the Army, owning a couple of businesses, then moving onto sales and, eventually, managing a large jewelry store before moving back to Drain in July of 2011.  She has volunteered with a number of organizations: Habitat for Humanity, different Chambers of Commerce throughout Oregon and Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Art has always interested her and she says DIVA gives her a chance to volunteer and to become involved in the art community.

"I feel it is a way to bring people together. All of us have a gift, we just need to embrace it."

Laurie Fox

DIVA Treasurer


Laurie comes from a long line of artists, with both her mother and grandmother supporting themselves as artists. Although she has explored many art media, Laurie pursued instead different career paths, including teaching and accounting and recently retired. She has served on numerous boards including the North Douglas Performing Arts Council in Drain for which she obtained their 501(c)(3) status.


Darlene Hurd

Drain Board Member

Darlene is a long-time resident of Drain and owner/operator of Family Fun Bowling on Third and C Avenue. She regularly supports all kinds of commuity events and has been an integral part of making the Free Family Fun Sundays a success.


Stephanie Barbuto

DIVA Secretary/Workshop coordinator


Batik artist Stephanie Barbuto has lived in Drain for almost 10 years. Batik is the process of using wax as a dye-resist to create a picture.


"I find art very therapeutic and I am going to school to become an art-therapist to help others learn the healing benefits of art."


Barbuto's classes are very popular

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